Verizon Offers Mobile Solutions for All Kinds of Businesses

Kyle Niederpruem, Kyle Communications

Granite Ridge Builders, a premier home-builder in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, has evolved with technology as quickly as technology has offered new products. Verizon’s local business team has been there every step of the way — partnering to introduce innovative ways to enhance the home-building and buying experience with wireless technology solutions.

Jason Spuller, the company’s technology lead, said using Verizon technology has made all the difference.

“We’re all a society of ‘now,’ ’’ Spuller said. “It doesn’t matter the age of a customer. They want the information right away. If you can engage, you can answer questions immediately.”

A model home visit and discussion, for example, might veer into fireplaces. No problem. A Granite Ridge salesperson can create an immediate show via iPad, Apple TV and jetpack to go through thousands of fireplace configurations.

Nearly 2,000 floor plans available in 400 subdivisions can be shared as quickly with a homeowner as it takes to tap the Internet with a Verizon jetpack inside a model home.

Just as products have evolved, Granite Ridge has moved with the times — starting with push-to-talk phones, then BlackBerrys, and now Android smartphones. Tablets are used by every employee providing true mobility with business and information tools that are just a swipe away. The company has easily integrated iOS as easily as Android platforms into its business and uses a mix of both today.

If you work in any business looking for a competitive edge, check out how other companies are collaborating with a Verizon Business Team to create innovative wireless solutions.

Here’s a sample of what other businesses are doing with help from Verizon teams:


Landscaper Chris Hood relies heavily on technology to improve and grow his business. “I could not survive without my cell phones and tablets. Technology is the key to our growth strategy,” says Hood. A Verizon Wireless customer since 1991, Hood does landscaping with technology by using his tablet to offer visual data and diagrams to clients during one-on-one presentations, showing them what finished landscaping projects might look like.


“About a year ago, we began using Verizon Wireless’ machine-to-machine router service, which provides us with a non-traditional backup solution,” said Jan Kees, vice president of enterprise services, WesBanco. “Before, a network outage often meant we would lose primary and backup connections. With Verizon, we now have a secure backup that keeps the bank running.” Verizon’s wireless backup solutions with high-speed 4G LTE also helped the bank during a recent acquisition by allowing it to be networked to the branches before the primary connections were delivered.


Keeping track of inventory for a restaurant is critical. Steve Hershberger, CEO of SteadyServ Technologies, found an innovative solution to tracking beer by volume with a smartphone and tablet application deployed over the Verizon network. “Getting it wrong, or getting it right, is the difference between being profitable and staying alive,” Hershberger said. In a few years, he came up with a solution of real-time monitoring via smartphones and tablets, a system easy enough for a fifth-grader to use, but sophisticated enough for a retailer to tap real-time sales and inventory reports to stay profitable.


For cities managing municipal assets on a budget — especially for the latest evolution of popular dog parks — tracking is critical. Park managers can easily access that information remotely, including vaccination information, through a CradlePoint router and Verizon USB modem. Assistant Park Superintendent Rocky Stultz thinks the security solutions are wise investments for the park he’s managing. “I think people were slipping through the cracks and not renewing,” Stultz said of the membership fees paid to access the park. He also believes the dogs are likely safer as their owners are more responsible for the current medical history of their pets.

Businesses interested in technology solutions and trends can visit Verizon’s Small Business Advisor online. In just a few clicks, business owners can easily explore their preferences to uncover solutions for their unique business needs.

A Verizon Business Team also is available for consultation to streamline communications, increase productivity and grow revenue.

Companies can go to or contact Northeast Indiana Business Sales Manager Rebecca Bormann at or 317-439-4884 to find a local account executive.