Seamless, simple home automation system

Sarah Norris, Granite Ridge Builders

Talking to your home has long been idealized on film, but it’s often clunky and disjointed in reality. The dream of an automated home often results in an overload of buttons, remotes, and mounds of boxes with wires snaking out the back. If the home is automated, the process is often inconvenient and complicated. Until now.

Seamless, simple home management is here with Granite Ridge Builders and Clare Controls. The Innovation Home Gallery showcases a whole-house operating system that is manageable from anywhere you can use your Apple or Android mobile device. Control your home from your bedroom, your office, or across the ocean. From the functional to the fun, easy, wireless home management is possible in your new Granite Ridge home!


The most popular element of home automation, home security is paramount. Few thoughts are more frustrating than leaving home and later questioning a locked front door, or whether the garage door is down. With Granite Ridge and Clare Controls, say goodbye to second-guessing security:

• Monitor your home with state-of-the-art video surveillance, automated door locks, and a motion-activated security system.

• Keep intruders away with scheduled lighting changes while absent for extended periods of time. Or, get instant alerts when you’re gone and unplanned movement occurs at your basement window.

• Provide your family, friends, or service providers with personalized (and temporary!) access codes to your home, secured by the same technology used in online banking.

• Receive notifications when your alarms are disarmed, so you’ll know when your kids are home safe and sound. 

In addition to protection from problems outside of your home, you can also have peace of mind regarding what’s going on inside. See who is at your front door from your basement, or keep an eye on playing kiddos while you’re cooking dinner. Granite Ridge and Clare Controls even offer a water sensor that can catch a corroded pipe, leaky storage tank, or busted bathroom fixture. After identifying the problem, the sensor instantly shuts off water supply to the area and alerts you. 


One of the most inviting elements of a new home is a higher standard of comfort. Always a Granite Ridge priority, comfort has reached a new level of convenience and simplicity. Keep your space just right with the tap of a few buttons, and stop wasting your time tweaking that thermostat.

• Set your home to save energy by raising or lowering shades and shutting down electronics while everyone’s away. A single tap will turn everything back on when you’re ready. 

• Create a path of lights that illuminate your way to the kitchen in the middle of the night. 

• Turn down the thermostat a degree during a movie while you recline on the couch.

• Remotely shut off all lights except the rooms you are hanging out in. Turn out every light with one tap when you go to bed.

Your home is your haven from the stressful world outside, and you deserve a space where you can enjoy, exhale, and leave the tedious to-do’s off of your list. 


What good would home automation be without a little fun? With Granite Ridge and Clare Controls, you can seamlessly incorporate entertainment into every room in your home – and outside, too. If it sounds complicated and full of cords, rest assured. The system integrates everything you own right into the Clare control app. There’s no addition of cables or remotes – just enjoyment. 

• Stream different music by zone in your home, accommodating both the backyard barbeque and your daughter’s sleepover in the basement. 

• Create personal playlists that set the mood both as you begin your day and before you walk in the door for dinner.

• Control a room’s atmosphere by dimming the lights, closing the shades, starting the movie, and turning down the thermostat temp, all with one touch. 

Better entertaining ability is a no-brainer. Your guests will be impressed with your new home and your seamless hosting skills, while you can leave the stress out of throwing the perfect party. 


One of the most exciting elements of Granite Ridge’s partnership with Clare Controls is the ability to snag recurring “scenes” from your everyday life and accommodate them with a single touch: 

Goodnight:  This scene could simultaneously shut off indoor lights while switching on lighting outside, locking the front door, and closing shades, all while you’re brushing your teeth and climbing under the covers.

• Unexpected Company: You receive a notification on your Clare app that someone’s ringing the doorbell while you’re at the grocery – the security camera shows it’s your mother-in-law. With a single touch, you can unlock the front door, disarm the alarm, and switch on the foyer light for her while you finish up and head home.

• I’m Home: As you pull into the driveway, your garage door raises, doors unlock, the kitchen light goes on, and your favorite music station plays. Welcome home indeed!   

• Party Time: You’re in the kitchen, listening to soft music and preparing drinks and dinner when the first guest knocks at the door. Switch to this scene, and your music plays the party playlist, indoor lights dim a little, the thermostat drops a degree, and the back patio lighting pops on, seamlessly. 

Your new home’s automation is not only personalized, it’s adaptable to your evolving lifestyle. Make changes on your own. Create a personalized app dashboard tailored to your favorite actions. Add new features via the app as you need them. It’s all possible. And while the options are endless, your home is the most important piece of the puzzle. Select features based on your lifestyle, your budget, your needs.  Every Granite Ridge residence is unique, just like you. Our goal is to build a place that makes your life simpler, more comfortable, and the perfect place to call home.