Luxury Automation for the Rest of Us
Affordable full-featured home automation solutions are here. Don't settle for less!

Steve Roberts, Clare Controls

Until recently, home automation existed almost exclusively at the market’s polar extremes, with high-end custom systems for the very wealthy at one end and DIY parts kits for the technologically gifted at the other. 

Demand for home automation from the mainstream market that lies between these opposites has exploded, fueled in part by the arrival of the iPhone.  Many adopters of smart phones and tablets have grown accustomed to the power and flexibility their mobile devices provide, and they now want to exercise the same control over the electronic lifestyle applications in their homes. 

The internet-based (“managed”) home control add-ons offered by cable TV and other companies hoping to capitalize on this new demand do not deliver the full-featured automation experience this market expects.  And while a few luxury automation providers have declared that they plan to address this opportunity, the goal of capturing high-end automation performance in an affordable product has remained largely unmet.  Until now. 

The ClareHome Builder Program

Clare Controls, an award-winning producer of home automation solutions, is satisfying the needs of the tech-hungry mainstream market with its ClareHome product.  It is delivered throughout North America via the ClareHome Builder Program, which creates three-way partnerships between Clare, homebuilders, and local technology installers.  The formula creates a huge win for the customer, who gets a fantastic product at a great price, installed and maintained using the latest tools by an expert local firm with the manufacturer’s support.    

The ClareHome solution runs on a powerful CLIQ controller – the “brain” of the system - located in the customer’s home.  It supports all of the lifestyle applications found in typical luxury systems, including lighting, video surveillance, climate control, home access, and more.  ClareHome supports many applications that managed control systems cannot.  The most visible of these is the immensely popular multi-zone audio application, for controllable music in multiple rooms, using both local (i.e., iTunes library) and streaming (i.e., Pandora) sources. 

Customers start with a base configuration built into their new homes and personalize the system to their own preferences by selecting application packages for comfort and convenience, safety and security, and entertainment.  The entire system is designed for easy growth as users’ needs evolve.

The system is controlled effortlessly with the free Clare Controls App, an easy-to-learn dashboard that runs on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.  Users are in complete, secure control of the system from wherever they happen to be, home or away.  One-touch routines allow customers to launch convenient strings of commands.  For instance, one tap of an “Away” icon as the customer leaves home for the morning could lock the doors, arm the security system, adjust the thermostat to an energy-saving daytime level, and turn off all enabled lighting.

In luxury homes, systems with these capabilities typically occupy several racks of gear in an equipment room with specialized cooling and dedicated electrical service.  In contrast, the ClareHome automation system is contained in a standard wall enclosure, with no change to the builder’s floor plan, no loss of valuable closet space, and no extra cooling or wiring.


Clare Controls has succeeded in bringing full-featured automation to the mainstream market.  ClareHome is a flexible and personal solution designed to provide all the benefits of luxury-level automation at a price that mainstream homebuyers will find absolutely irresistible.